The Cincinnati Bengals were in full compliance with the National Football League's injury report policy regarding superstar quarterback Joe Burrow, CBS Sports' Jonathan Jones reported on Saturday.

“Before Burrow suffered a season-ending wrist injury in the game, he appeared in a video and photo wearing what appeared to be a wrap around his right hand and wrist the day before the game,” wrote Jones.

“Burrow was not on Cincinnati's injury report that week. He would later say it was a compression sleeve used to help prevent swelling during flights, and that it had nothing to do with the acute wrist injury he suffered during the game.”

During a weeks-long review, the NFL studied medical records and practice footage leading up to the Bengals' Week 11 clash with the Baltimore Ravens, confirming that the organization was in compliance with the league's policy.

The league also interviewed both Joe Burrow himself, and Bengals medical personnel, per Jones.

“The NFL regularly checks on injury report compliance in an effort to maintain the integrity of the game,” Jones continued. “The policy has been ‘a cornerstone of public confidence in the NFL for many decades,' according to the league, and the ‘credibility of the NFL, teams, owners and team personnel requires full compliance with and uniform enforcement of the policy.'”

Joe Burrow suffered season-ending injury in Week 11

Burrow tore a ligament in his right wrist during the second quarter of Cincinnati's 34-20 loss to Baltimore on Nov. 17. The Bengals QB was hit by Ravens' Jadeveon Clowney, and was clearly in some discomfort following the play. After suffering the ailment, Burrow threw a touchdown pass to Joe Mixon before leaving the game.

The star signal-caller confirmed he heard a pop on the scoring play.

Jake Browning has been handling starting duties since, and figures to do the same for the rest of the 2023-24 campaign. Burrow underwent wrist surgery at the end of November and will be ready to go for training camp next year.

Still, there's five games to go and the frantic push for the postseason continues for Browning and the 6-6 Bengals. The Indianapolis Colts are in Ohio on Sunday afternoon.