The Brooklyn Nets aren’t experiencing the season they expected this year, and it’s mostly due to the Kyrie Irving situation. Brooklyn anticipated struggling early in the season due to the absence of probably their second-best player. Kyrie Irving has thankfully returned for them, but just for away games, and despite the fact that he is only there for away games, he is still going to be a huge assist for this team right now and in the playoffs.

If Kyrie Irving decides to get the vaccination, it may help the Nets go from a team that could win a championship, to a team that will almost certainly win a championship if they can keep their big three healthy. It’ll be fascinating to see what Irving decides, but he’ll have to make that choice sooner rather than later since the playoffs will be here before they know it. Even if Kyrie Irving gets the vaccination, it would undoubtedly enhance the Nets’ title chances, but they will still need to make a move or two during the trade deadline this year.

Let’s take a look at four trades that might benefit the Brooklyn Nets at the trade deadline this year.

While all of these deals may be difficult, some contending teams will overspend and will have to give back a large package owing to the players’ salaries. Not all of these moves are likely, but contending teams clubs will try everything possible to improve, which might lead to some unusual deals, as we have seen in the past.

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Best Trades The Nets Must Make Before The NBA Trade Deadline

Nets get: Robert Covington

Blazers get: Paul Millsap, Bruce Brown, James Johnson, Jevon Carter

Now, the Blazers are unlikely to make this sort of deal for Robert Covington since they are likely to be looking for younger players or draft picks. Unfortunately for Brooklyn, they do not have many draft picks in the near future, which might hurt them at the deadline this year. If Brooklyn can pull off a move like this, Robert Covington may be the ideal player to come in and help the club solidify its title hopes.

The Brooklyn Nets are very certain to meet either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Philadelphia 76ers in this year’s playoffs, which means they’ll have to face Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid. Both of these players are among the bestt in the world, and if the Nets continue to have no one to throw at them, they’ll make things too easy for them, which might result in them losing the series.

Nets get: Jusuf Nurkic

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Blazers get: Paul Millsap, Bruce Brown, James Johnson, Jevon Carter

This might also be interesting, and it’s more possible that this trade will go through because Robert Covington will likely get a bigger return than Jusuf Nurkic.

Jusuf Nurkic is a big body who could potentially help this team out come playoff time, similar to the deal with Robert Covington. The Nets still need someone who can defend both of those star players on the Bucks and the Sixers, and Jusuf Nurkic is a big body who could potentially help this team do exactly that.

Nets get: Ben Simmons

Sixers get: Kyrie Irving

Although the Philadelphia 76ers may not want to do this deal because reports indicate that they are confident in their ability to get James Harden next summer, it could be a deal that they do because they would be bringing in Kyrie Irving, and given how well Joel Embiid has played this season, that would increase their title chances and give Philadelphia fans a long-awaited NBA title.

The Nets will undoubtedly want a top-tier defender, and Ben Simmons is perhaps the best defender in the league. Despite the fact that he has pulled numerous antics in Philadelphia, he could come to Brooklyn and enjoy his time since he is part of a star-studded squad.

Brooklyn would also no longer have to be concerned about Kyrie Irving’s vaccine status. This might be a disadvantage if he decides to get vaccinated, but he will also draw a lot of media attention away from the Nets, allowing them to focus on playing basketball at a high level.

Nets get: Jakob Poeltl

Spurs get: Paul Millsap, Bruce Brown, Jevon Carter

On the offensive side of the ball, Jakob Poeltl isn’t going to be a plus for Brooklyn, but anybody who has seen him play knows how well he defends elite big men. Although he will be unable to play during the clutch time due to his offense and free-throw shooting, he can still provide Brooklyn with 25 or more minutes every night before those crucial fourth-quarter minutes, which might prove to be a big influence in the Nets defeating teams like the Bucks or Sixers.