The COVID-19 pandemic shut down sports momentarily. However, every major sports league has returned (nearly) to full swing. With the vaccine slowly being released, more events will be open to the public once again. However, it has been quite a while since Ice Cube's BIG3 league has played due to the virus.

But that is changing now, as the 3-on-3 league is set to return on July 10.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports has more details:

The fourth season of BIG3 action will be a 10-week campaign with games played at two locations: Orleans Arena in Las Vegas and at Xavier University, an HBCU in New Orleans, sources said.

The minimum age limit for the BIG3 was reduced following the 2019 season from 27 years old to 22, and the league is now open to non-professional and professional athletes.

This will surely increase the level of play and has the potential of becoming an outlet for young basketball players who aren't quite ready for the NBA. This gives the BIG3 more legitimacy and longevity.

CBS will be the broadcast partner, providing access to the public. As for live attendance, the BIG3 plans to “work with local health and safety officials to determine the state of fan attendance.”

Here's a schedule:

The BIG3 has grown since its first season and is making a name for itself in the sporting world. It has been confirmed that 3-on-3 basketball will be featured in the Olympics this summer, which bodes well for the future success of Ice Cube's BIG3.