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Gary Payton voraciously trash-talks Dahntay Jones

Gary Payton

In his time, Hall of Fame inductee Gary Payton was one of the most ferocious trash talkers in the league. At 49-years-old and 11 years into his NBA retirement, Payton’s trash talking is as viscous as ever, as proven by his antics in his team’s BIG3 matchup Friday Night.

Payton is the head coach of 3 Headed Monsters — a BIG3 team with the likes of ex-NBA pros Reggie Evans and Kwame Brown on its roster. On Friday, they were up against 3’s Company who had Jason Maxiell, Dahntay Jones, and Drew Gooden.

Payton had Dahntay Jones on his radar and was barking at the former Cleveland Cavaliers guard-forward for a good half a minute. Despite being on the sidelines, Payton continuously threw insults towards Jones, who was on the playing court.

At one point, Jones approached Payton and had a few things to say himself. See the full clip below shared by Bleacher Report.

Payton’s 3 Headed Monsters came out on top, taking a 50-47 victory in the tightly-contested matchup. The win took his team to a league-leading 5-0 record, as they remain to be the only unbeaten side in the league.

With just three more game days remaining, Payton’s 3 Headed Monsters are in a prime position to clinch the top Playoffs spot. Payton and his side are looking to redeem themselves from last season’s runner-up finish, and are looking good thus far.