For a time, there was a lot of uncertainty around the incident that led to the Chicago Blackhawks terminating the contract of Corey Perry. The veteran forward was held out of the lineup for a few games before he was ultimately let go. We have more information now, but that didn't stop the rumor mill from dragging Connor Bedard and his family into this situation.

Rumor had it that the incident with Perry may have had something to do with Bedard's family. However, this was vehemently shot down by general manager Kyle Davidson. Now, the Blackhawks' prized prospect has addressed these rumors for the first time.

“It’s just a bunch of BS on the internet,” Bedard said Friday, via team beat reporter Ben Pope. “It’s of course been an affect on myself and my family, and that’s not fair. But it’s out of our control. It’s all just fake, made-up stuff.”

It later came to light that the incident with Perry could have involved a team employee. The incident occurred last Monday, before the Blackhawks faced off with the Columbus Blue Jackets the next day. Chicago waived the veteran forward on Wednesday before terminating his contract.

The Blackhawks acquired Perry this past summer after selecting Bedard first overall in the 2022 NHL Draft. The 38-year-old Perry spent the last two seasons with the Tampa Bay Lightning. In 16 games for Chicago, Perry scored four goals and nine points.

The rumors surrounding Perry and Bedard's family were disgusting and uncalled for. Especially since they seemed fabricated from the get go. Hopefully, everyone involved can move on from this situation while finding some sort of peace with it all.