Scoot Henderson's time is now. While the Portland Trail Blazers try to figure out what to do with Damian Lillard's trade situation, Henderson is taking center stage as the future of the franchise. A prospect of his caliber will inject a feeling of excitement into the team as it nears a full-on rebuild.

Trail Blazers head coach Chauncey Billups was an All-Star guard in his heyday and should have little issue tapping into Henderson's potential. He believes that his new young guard has a level of motivation that will allow him to accomplish great things, according to Marc J. Spears of Andscape.

“He is chasing greatness, and when he gets there, he is going to find something else to chase,” Billups said, via Andscape. “That is already who he is. That is his mojo. That is his superpower.” The Blazers coach also testified to Henderson's nature as a student of the game by saying that the 19-year-old “knows more than most of the guys his age about what I have done.”

Scoot Henderson brings unique confidence and tantalizing skills with him to the NBA. After two years in the G League, he believes he is supremely prepared to make the leap. He honed in on his boundless athleticism and feel for the game against professionals as a teenager but looked like he fit in as well as anyone.

Billups told Spears that Henderson is “ultratalented” and a “tireless worker,” which are descriptors that not only perfectly summarize Henderson but inspire confidence in whatever a post-Lillard team looks like. Even with good youngsters like Shaedon Sharpe and Anfernee Simons on the roster, there will be a major need for identity and organization. Henderson can serve as a lead guard as well as a strong scorer off the wing despite some concerns about his ability to shoot from deep.

As Billups prepares for his third season as head coach of the Trail Blazers, he'll have Henderson to lean on. It's not typical for someone so young to be relied upon often but the potential star guard has the mindset and talent to handle it.