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CJ McCollum’s NBA Top Shot prayers get answered by Josh Hart

CJ McCollum Blazers Josh Hart Pelicans Top Shot

Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum expressed his intent to get into NBA Top Shot and wants to learn more about the blockchain-based platform. New Orleans Pelicans guard Josh Hart came down as a blessing from the heavens, as he offered to help the Blazers guard in understanding how NBA Top Shot actually works.

McCollum also seems genuinely interested in the cryptocurrency space, as he continues to rehab from his fractured foot.

Hart looks like he’s the right man to learn from. The 25-year old appears to be already knee deep into the game, as he is already selling his first card. He also discussed the growing platform on his Twitch account and even interviewed the CEO of Dapper Labs, the company that created and developed NBA Top Shot.

NBA Top Shot has taken the blockchain world by storm and has gained so much popularity among NBA fans over the last few weeks. With cryptocurrency and blockchain technology starting to gain traction across the globe, the NBA thought that maybe they could get into the action, officially hooking up with Dapper Labs for the venture.

The way NBA Top Shot works basically follows the same principles as traditional trading cards, but in the form of blockchain. NBA Top Shot utilizes virtual cards that they are calling “moments,” which users can buy, sell, and trade. These “moments” come in the form of real, in-game, video highlights licensed by the NBA and the NBA’s Player Association.

Some virtual cards are already selling for incredibly insane prices, including Ja Morant’s poster dunk over Aron Baynes last season, as well as LeBron James’ reverse throwdown in transition in the 2019-20 season.

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