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Enes Kanter, Hedo Turkoglu again trade barbs over Turkish government

Portland Trail Blazers center Enes Kanter has Turkish roots, and he keeps up with what is going on in his home country. He is one of many players throughout the NBA that come from a different country.

Kanter is outwardly loud about his feelings towards the government, comparing it to a dictatorship. Another former NBA player, Hedo Turkoglu, is actually a Turkish government official. He does not take kindly to Kanter’s words, per Nicole Noren of ESPN.

“I don’t send messages to terrorist organization supporters.” Turkoglu said.

Kanter is firm about his negative feelings towards the government of his home country. He compares Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Adolf Hitler and also believes if he returns to the country he would be killed.

“When I talk, or when I tweet something, or when I say anything about the government, it goes everywhere, all over the world, and they hate it. And they know there is no way they can buy me.” Kanter said.

This stance has a massive effect on Kanter. Per Noren, his own father distances himself from his son’s beliefs. He has apologized to the government for having a son that would even think that way.

NBA players can use their platform in any way they wish, but Kanter is stirring the pot in a big way. It is his right in America to speak his mind, but his former teammate, Turkoglu, and the rest of his Turkish connections seem to be slowly distancing themselves from the Blazers center.