In July, the world will be watching a rather interesting boxing match as celebrity-turned pro boxer Jake Paul squares off against the legendary Mike Tyson. Regardless of a 31-year age gap, both men agreed to the bout and are currently in the midst of training and other preparations.

Tyson, in particular, seems very fired up about getting back in the ring. The 58-year-old icon posted a short training video that reminded the general public why no one should get on his bad side.

The clips within the said video show Tyson training with a medicine ball and getting some pad work in with a trainer. To finish, Iron Mike gives a death stare at the camera while sending a clear NSFW message to Paul.

‘Day three. You still wanna f**k with me!?” Tyson said, per his official X (Twitter) account.

While 99.9 percent of people in the world would back away from an angry Mike Tyson, Jake Paul seems confident about his abilities. After all, the youth advantage is on his side. And he's beaten a number of well-known names already…although most of them are from the MMA circle.

Paul has boxing wins over the likes of UFC fighters Nate Diaz and Anderson Silva. Against pro boxers, he's defeated journeymen such as Ryan Bourland and Andre August.

Mike Tyson: The Heavyweight Legend

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson attends a light heavyweight championship bout at T-Mobile Arena between Dimitry Bivol (not pictured) and Canelo Alvarez
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

While the Mike Tyson match would be more of a publicity stunt, Paul may still want to be careful. The heavyweight legend is far from what he used to be back in the day, but Tyson's raw strength could still be there somewhere.

And no matter the outcome, Tyson's achievements speak for themselves. As the youngest heavyweight champion of all time, Iron Mike's reign of terror in the ring lasted from the late 80s to the early 90s.

Unanimously holding the WBA, WBC and IBF belts, Tyson was undefeated for 37 fights before his first loss. By the end of his career, Tyson accumulated a 50–6 record.

Will it be the old lion or the young upstart? The world will find out on July 20.