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Bradley Beal tattoos

Every known tattoo on Bradley Beal’s body

Bradley Beal has been a walking bucket so far this season. Before the basketball world was put on hiatus, he was actually second in scoring with an impressive 30.5 points per contest, a mark only surpassed by the beard, James Harden.

If you watch the prolific scorer often enough, you’ll notice that he actually has a very intricate set of tattoos. The man appreciates a good ink job, and shared the meaning behind most of his tattoos during a feature with GQ.

Bradley Beal’s First Tattoo

Bradley Basket Ball Tattoo

Bradley Beal first got a tattoo when he was 14 years old. But as he shares, he’s gotten it fine-tuned with greater detail so that it works better with the rest of his sleeve. It’s a simple basketball design etched into his left deltoid muscle area and signed with his name “Brad“.

It apparently just used to be “an outline of a clip art basketball” but it looks much more legit now.

As Brad shares, he actually needed permission from his mom to get the work done. But as she tagged along, she ended up getting her own tats done as well – a pair of Nike swooshes on both her ankles.

Brad’s Praying Hands Tattoo

Bradley Praying Hands Tattoo

His next venture into more ink were these praying hands just below his original tat. Along with the hands, he had engraved his favorite bible verse – Philippians 4:13

Philippians 4:13 I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

Beal is known for being very religious. He consistently points up to the sky as a sign of gratitude after making a three pointer. He also starts every post-game interview with the same line without fail:

“First, praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

It’s not a surprise that Bradley would have something that reminded him of his strong faith.

Bradley Beal’s Dedication Tattoos

Bradley Beal's 26 Tattoos & Their Meanings – Body Art Guru

Beal dedicated his next set of tattoos to his siblings. For each letter of their last name “Beal”, he had inked in the names of each of his four brothers: Brandon, Bruce, Byron, and Bryon.

Bradley Beal is actually the outlier of the family. While he was a standout guard for the Florida Gators, the rest of the Beal clan played or are currently playing college football. Beal certainly displays a level of toughness on the basketball court, so it’s no surprise to learn about his exposure to big, bruising brothers.

Brad’s Torso Cross

Bradley Stomach Tattoo

Beal’s arm isn’t the only bible verse he had placed on his body. His abdomen contains one massive cross in the middle, with a verse etched in from Galatians 2:20. The difference here is, he actually had every word of the verse permanently done. The verse reads as follows:

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

Brad’s Double Rose Tattoos

Bradley Roses on Stomach Tattoo

Beal also had a dedication made in the form of two roses right next to the cross and verse. Each rose on his torso represents his grandparents.

Brad’s Right Shoulder Dedication

Parents Name

Bradley Beal is clearly a family guy. Aside from the ink in honor of his brothers and his grandparents, he had the first names of his mother and father written on the upper portion of his shooting arm. Besta and Bobby Beal are definitely proud of their NBA superstar son.

Brad’s Wall Clock Tattoo

Clock Tattoo

Beal also celebrates his own birth with this tattoo of a wall clock etched on his left leg. The clock is stopped at exactly 3:30, the time that he was born in the delivery room. Beal is currently 27 years old, with his exact birth date being on June 28, 1993.

Brad’s Lucky Number

Bradley 3 Tattoo

The number 3 is also highlighted on his lower left leg. Beal feels that the number has always been a lucky one for him. It’s not all that surprising considering it’s his jersey number as well as the number of points he scores as a silky smooth shooter from beyond the arc.

More on Bradley Beal tattoos

Bradley Beal is obviously very enthusiastic about getting inked. But despite having numerous pieces being done in the past, he shares that it does indeed take him a while to decide to actually get one done.

He has had more than one tattoo artist work on his tats, but Beal has maintained that he does most of the pre-work for the tattoos himself. Brad enjoys drawing his pieces beforehand, which ensures that the meaning and intricacies behind it remain under his control.

For all the Wizards fans out there, here’s to hoping that Beal could get some ink done in honor of his future years in DC as well. A title run with Bradley Beal might be a clear long shot, but you’re free to dream.