The Atlanta Braves' bullpen played a pivotal role in their 2021 World Series run. In 2023, however, Atlanta's bullpen has been fairly mediocre. On the other hand, Spencer Strider and the starting rotation have performed especially well despite Max Fried's injury. The Braves' starting rotation currently leads the National League in ERA, while the bullpen is seventh in the league in ERA, per David O'Brien of The Athletic.

“#Braves starters have an NL-leading 3.47 ERA, with the Giants (3.70) the only others as low as 4.05. But Atlanta relievers' 4.13 ERA ranks 7th in the league and 3rd in the division behind Marlins (4.08) and Phillies (4.11), despite a league-best K/BB rate (3.20) for ATL relievers,” O'Brien shared on Twitter.

The Braves' starters hold a comfortable lead in ERA. The bullpen is doing a good job of striking out hitters, but they have struggled to limit runs. If Atlanta's relievers can develop consistency, the Braves' all-around pitching staff will be the most dominant in baseball.

Spencer Strider has emerged as an ace in 2023. He was strong in 2022 without question, but he's taken a step forward this year. Strider holds a solid 2.97 ERA and .990 WHIP. Strikeouts, though, is where Strider has set the league on fire. He leads the league with 106 strikeouts already, an impressive mark to say the least.

Aside from Strider, the rest of the Braves' rotation has stepped up and also performed well. Bryce Elder holds an eye-opening 2.01 ERA so far in 2023, while Charlie Morton's 3.59 ERA isn't bad.

Although they miss Fried, Atlanta's pitching rotation has held things down amid his absence.