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Brian Snitker speaks out on Freddie Freeman immediately after Matt Olson trade

Brian Snitker, Freddie Freeman, Braves

Freddie Freeman’s future in Atlanta is in doubt after the Braves acquired first baseman Matt Olson from the A’s on Monday. Although there had been speculation about this becoming a reality in recent days, this trade was not expected to happen until Freeman made his final decision on the free agent market. But the Braves apparently grew tired of waiting and decided to pull the trigger on the trade for Olson. Atlanta manager Brian Snitker shared his opinion on the matter following the deal.

Snitker was asked about Freeman probably not returning after the team acquired Olson. He replied by stating that he “knew that was a possibility” and that “at some point and time he may not be here.” He was then asked a follow up question in regards to what Freeman meant to the Braves organization to which he replied, “He’s been our guy for a number of years, and personally he’s meant a lot to me.”

Snitker relied heavily on Freeman’s star-power last season when the all-star first baseman led Atlanta to their first World Series championship since 1995. There is no question that he will be missed by the team and city. There is still a small chance that they attempt to re-sign him and place either Freeman or Olson at DH, but the odds of that happening are slim to none. The fact is that Freeman’s days in Atlanta are likely over. But the Braves certainly got a quality replacement, as Olson is just 27 years old and possesses the potential to smash 40-plus home runs while playing Gold Glove caliber defense at first base.