When it comes to baseball advice, Atlanta Braves pitcher Spencer Strider holds his wife Maggie's words in high regard, even despite a somewhat limited knowledge of the game overall.

Reflecting on his struggles throughout the season, Strider revealed that Maggie's advice had nothing to do with the technical aspects of pitching. Having known him for a long time now, she understands that he can sometimes be overwhelmed by too much information.

Strider admitted, “I value input, sometimes too much. I like to feel like I have everything at my disposal, and I can learn from everything that's around me. But, you can get to the paralysis by analysis very quickly,” he said on the Braves Beat newsletter.

Therefore, when Spencer Strider encountered a rough patch during the first half of this month, his wife Maggie provided him with valuable guidance. Her message was clear: “Don't listen to everybody that tells you something.”

Coming from his wife, these words held significant weight.

In his first 12 starts, Spencer Strider showcased promising performance for the Braves, posting a 2.97 ERA and a 2.59 FIP. However, he experienced a few setbacsk, allowing eight runs over four innings against the New York Mets on June 8 and three home runs over five innings against the Detroit Tigers on June 14.

Despite this, Strider has since rebounded well. He recently halted his brief skid by limiting the Philadelphia Phillies to just one run over six innings. Notably, he currently leads the majors with a 14.46 strikeouts per nine innings (K/9) rate.

Spencer Strider recognizes that bad outings and rough stretches are part of the game, especially as a pitcher. However, it is how one bounces back and learns from these experiences that truly matters. As he navigates his first full season as a big leaguer, Strider's ability to absorb his wife's advice and adapt to challenges will prove crucial to his success.