If getting a pet horse and over-posting on social media doesn't get you through a high-profile celebrity divorce, a new snake tattoo surely will! Britney Spears unveiled her new lower back ink — a small snake — in a video on her Instagram Reel on Friday.

In the post, Spears — who is in the process of divorcing Sam Asghari — is wearing a yellow and white printed crop top with white cutoff jean shorts, and she sits in a chair as the tattoo artist works on the tattoo. We catch various glimpses of Spears reacting to the pain of the procedure, although she proclaims in one “It doesn't hurt that bad actually.”

In another clip, she unveils the tattoo to camera, although her skin still appears rather sensitive and red in reaction to the fresh ink and it's hard to fully make out the snake. Spears exclaims in a puzzling tone, “My new snake tattoo, guys. I’m so excited… yeah!” as she dances around, sounding a bit like Quagmire from Family Guy (all that's missing is the “giggity giggity”).

Anyway, Spears also captioned her Instagram tattoo post with a single snake emoji, so… that's something.


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The significance or personal connection to the tattoo choice isn't very clear. Perhaps it's a reference to her hit 2003 song Toxic, although snake bites are more often referred to as venomous than toxic, so scratch that. Maybe she recently watched Snakes on a Plane and inspiration struck. Or maybe she just thought it looked cool and wanted a divorce tattoo. You never really know with Britney Spears, but as long as she's happy, we are too.