Broncos news: Former Missouri QB Drew Lock returning to state for Chiefs matchup: 'It’s just another football game'
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Broncos, former Missouri QB Drew Lock returning to state for Chiefs matchup: ‘It’s just another football game’

Drew Lock, Broncos

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock played his college ball with the Missouri Tigers, but he is trying to downplay returning to Missouri to play the Kansas City Chiefs.

Lock grew up cheering for the Chiefs, and there will be some natural emotions that come with playing against his former favorite team, but he is trying to treat it just like another football game.

I think we’ll all make a little too much of it,” said Lock on Wednesday, via the team’s official website. “It’s just another football game. I’ve got to prep like I did the first two weeks and just be ready to go.”

There will be a lot more internal pressure on Lock. He is going to have his fair share of friends and family in attendance. Most of his family also grew up Chiefs fans, so he joked he hopes the family that is wearing his jersey isn’t secretly cheering for them.

“I hope that if they walk in there with a Broncos jersey that’s got a ‘3’ on it that they only cheer for the Broncos, because I would appreciate that a lot,” Lock joked when asked if his friends and family may secretly cheer for the Chiefs. “It’s already going to be loud enough as is, so maybe if we can turn over 50 of the Chiefs fans that would have been in there, it’ll help us out in the long run.”

Lock is going to be trying to lead the Broncos to their third win in a row. In the last game against the Houston Texans Lock threw for 309 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. If the Broncos want to win this game, it’s probably going to take another performance as Lock had against the Texans.