Browns news: Baker Mayfield downplays any hard feelings for Kliff Kingsbury
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Browns’ Baker Mayfield downplays any hard feelings for Kliff Kingsbury

Kliff Kingsbury, Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield and Kliff Kingsbury were once a duo in college before they made their way into the NFL. Ahead of Sunday’s contest between the Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals, Mayfield downplayed any hard feelings for Kingsbury.

“Guys, that’s back in 2013. That’s 6 years ago,” Mayfield declared. “We’re not going to re-dig issues back then. I think it worked out for them. They got Pat Mahomes and I think he’s doing fine now.”

Going back to 2013, Mayfield and Kingsbury were both at Texas Tech when Mayfield was a walk-on freshman. After proving himself during the spring, Mayfield ended up winning the starting quarterback job at Texas Tech.

At first, it appeared that the two were going to create something special together. The team won their first five games and Texas Tech’s program was beginning to turn a corner.

But after Mayfield didn’t receive a scholarship from Texas Tech, he chose to enter his name into the transfer portal. Of course, that is when Mayfield ended up heading to Oklahoma to become the starting quarterback.

Upon his arrival, Mayfield led Oklahoma to the College Football Playoffs and won the Heisman Trophy. On the other hand, Kingsbury replaced Mayfield with a guy named Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech.

Above all, Mayfield was selected with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. As for Kingsbury, he was hired by the Cardinals to become the team’s head coach for the foreseeable future.

Needless to say, it’s safe to assume that it worked out for both sides in this situation. Now, Kingsbury and Mayfield will face one another in Week 15 for the first time since the two faced one another in the Big 12, this time in the professional setting between the Browns and Cardinals.