Browns head coach Hue Jackson is the NFL's second-worst winning percentage
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Browns head coach Hue Jackson is the NFL’s second-worst winning percentage

Hue Jackson, Browns

There have been rumblings that the Cleveland Browns may replace their offensive coordinator, but Hue Jackson could be the real problem. After a Week 8 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns fell to 2-5-1. Jackson’s all-time winning percentage as a head coach is now 11-44-1. His win percentage is among the worst in NFL history.

According to NFC Sports, 219 NFL coaches have held their positions for over 40 games. Out of all these coaches, Hue Jackson ranks 218th. He was 8-8 as the coach of the Oakland Raiders and is 3-36-1 during his time with the Browns. His overall winning percentage is an abysmal 20.5 percent. If all all the other adjustments Cleveland has made are failing, Jackson could be booted.

Jackson has been vocal about his comfort with the Browns as of late. According to him, the ownership hasn’t given him an ultimatum. They’ve been in four overtime games this season, and most of their losses have been decided by less than a touchdown, so their outcomes could have been a lot different this year. The team has improved from their past two seasons, but they’re not anywhere near where they want to be.

The Browns have had one of the NFL’s more dominant defenses in the NFL, and Hue Jackson says he wants to be more involved in the offensive play calling. It’s unclear how much he was involved in it during his team’s 33-18 loss to the Steelers, but if he was, it didn’t make much of a difference. Their offense has been stagnant, and they will continue to try and bring in a new player via free agency or a trade.