Browns News: Coach Hue Jackson Tears Into Antonio Callaway
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Hue Jackson tells Antonio Callaway to become responsible or else he will get him off the team

Hue Jackson, Antonio Callaway, Browns

The Cleveland Browns took a chance when they drafted Antonio Callaway. With all the issues he ran into with the Florida Gators, the last thing the Browns wanted was for him to was to get in trouble like he did a week ago, when marijuana was found in his car. He told the police the car was just shipped from Florida and he didn’t know whose marijuana it was.

Browns coach Hue Jackson is not having any of it and although he is allowing Callaway to stay on the team, for now, he said on Hard Knocks via ESPN that Callaway needs to become more responsible for his actions or he will find someone that will be.

“All of this can be prevented. … You can’t take a chance. You can’t put yourself in this situation and you can’t put us in this situation,” Jackson says. “Listen, you’ve got talent, but talent ain’t everything I’m looking for. I want you to become a man. Be responsible and accountable to John and me and your teammates or else I wouldn’t keep you on the team. I’m just being very honest with you. If s— comes up, you have my number, you’ve got John’s number, you call us ASAP. That’s what I expect from you from here on in. I believe you, but if I’m wrong on this one, then I’m going to have your ass.”

Callaway has proven in the preseason he has the talent to be a key piece moving forward for the Browns…as long as he stays on the straight and narrow.