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Browns WR Jarvis Landry evades tackles for 40-yard TD vs. Steelers in playoff matchup

Jarvis Landry, Browns, Steelers

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry evaded and broke through multiple tackles on his way to a 40-yard touchdown reception against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns’ second score of the evening, the breakaway run by Landry, gave Cleveland a shocking 14-0 advantage over the Steelers in the game’s opening frame.

Check out Landry do this thing below (via the NFL’s Twitter feed):

With Mayfield working out of the shotgun on 3rd and short, the Browns were looking to gain a minimum of five yards to ensure that they would be in field goal position should their opening drive stall. As he has done all season, however, Landry had bigger things in mind.

Catching the ball over the middle just beyond the 35-yard line, Landry slammed on the brakes before reversing direction and avoiding a tackle from the waiting Terrell Edmunds. Once he was beyond the reach of the safety, the wideout sprinted towards an outside lane and broke through a low tackle from Mike Hilton on his way to the end zone.

While the touchdown was the first score by the offense, it was the second touchdown of the game for the Browns, who benefitted from Pittsburgh’s center’s miscue on the first play of the game. For a team that is looking to secure their first playoff victory since 1995, events couldn’t have gone better.

The Browns have since added another pair of touchdowns to lead 28-0.