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Browns coach Kevin Stefanski wants to be involved in personnel decisions

Kevin Stefanski, Browns

New Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski is hoping to establish a close rapport with incoming general manager Andrew Berry to the point where he can discuss the choices that will impact the roster.

Stefanski told reporters on Wednesday “I will be involved” when it comes to personnel decisions (via Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk):

“Andrew is the General Manager and I am the head coach, but I can promise you in decisions as it pertains to personnel, I will be involved,” Stefanski told reporters on Wednesday. “We have had a dialogue already about that. . . . We have to make sure that we listen to the right people, but it is going to be Andrew and I, along with a bunch of really good people in this building, making those decisions.”

Berry was introduced as the new general manager on Wednesday, and though he will ultimately have the “final say,” it appears Stefanski is intent on adding his own two cents.

Though this might not necessarily be a surprising thing for Stefanski to say given he is taking over a team in transition following a disappointing season, it is fairly interesting in the context of Cleveland’s offseason.

The Browns wanted former general manager John Dorsey to take on a lesser role this season. When Dorsey ultimately refused, the two sides parted ways, helping to set off a chain of events leading to Berry’s hiring.

In other words, Stefanski’s claim seems to substantiate Berry will have lesser influence over personnel decision than Dorsey might have had in past seasons.

Regardless, both Stefanski and Berry will be held to high standards as the Browns hope to post a winning season in 2020.