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NFL analyst thinks the Browns will acquire Gerald McCoy

Gerald McCoy

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still waiting for a decision from defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, rumors have started to swirl about him going elsewhere this offseason. It appears the Cleveland Browns could be among the potential suitors.

There has been plenty of speculation regarding McCoy’s future in Tampa Bay. According to NFL.com’s Dan Hanzus, it is almost certain that Cleveland will pull the trigger on a deal for the veteran:

“When you factor in the forward momentum of this franchise right now, I’d be stunned if Gerald McCoy — a rumored Browns trade target — is playing anywhere but Cleveland come September,” Hanzus wrote.

The prospect of McCoy going to Cleveland is certainly not too far-fetched. The Browns have made it clear that they are going all in on a deep playoff run in the 2019 NFL season. They have managed to pull off multiple blockbuster deals over the last two offseasons and it has finally started to pay off. Despite their somewhat average 2018 campaign, the expectations for this team are suddenly as high as ever.

McCoy would undoubtedly make a welcome addition to this Browns’ defense. Although the front office has diverted its resources on edge rushers in recent years, the veteran would help stabilize things up front as the anchor of the defense.

While McCoy’s production may have dwindled as of late, he is still widely considered one of the premier interior players in the league, making six straight Pro Bowls from 2012 to 2017. It will be interesting to see what Tampa Bay’s asking price will ultimately be if they do end up trying to make a deal.