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Former Browns OC Todd Haley thought he’d become interim head coach

Todd Haley was recently fired from his offensive coordinator position with the Cleveland Browns, and he felt he’d get a shot at head coach when hired.

The Browns really cleaned house, as they also fired head coach Hue Jackson, who had accrued the second-worst winning percentage for a head coach with 40 games under his belt in NFL history. Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is now the interim head coach, but Haley felt he’d be first in line once Jackson flopped.

From 247SPorts:

“I had some options, but this really appealed to me – the challenge aspect of it, Hue like I said, Mr. and Mrs. Haslam and [General Manager] John [Dorsey]. I think there are pieces in place to be successful,” said Haley. “

Other coaches have voiced their interest in the project that is Cleveland, and Todd Haley truly felt he was the man the Browns needed to save the day.

“I went out to Arizona to be a coordinator, and Arizona had not had much success. A lot of people thought I was crazy for leaving Dallas when I did, but man, when you are a part of turning it around and having success, playing in big games and having success in big games, there is nothing like it. That is what appealed to me – the challenge and the people I was going to be working alongside of,” Haley continued.

Haley might have been too focused on stealing Jackson’s job to help the Browns’ offense really perform. Now, he’ll have to search for a shot somewhere else. Cleveland’s former coaches are all lashing out now that their time in the spotlight has come to a close, and nobody is sure what they’ll do about this situation next season.