Bryce Mitchell is currently set to take on Edson Barboza at UFC 272 on Saturday. The bout is considered a striker vs grappler matchup with Mitchell known for his excellent ground game.

Edson Barboza is a high-level striker and many like his chances at UFC 272 if he can keep the fight on the feet. Bryce Mitchell scoffed at the idea that the matchup was that simple to analyze.

“I mean that’s how y’all can look at it, but I’ve had 30-something fights, legal fights, and I’ve never started a fight on the ground – believe it or not,” Mitchell told reporters, including MMAJunkie, at Wednesday’s UFC 272 media day. “Every single fight I’ve started it on the feet and I’ve never said, ‘Hey, you wanna fight? Let’s start in the guard.’

“The fights engage on the feet, so I don’t look at myself as a (grappler). I’m a fighter. Whatever people want to label me that’s whatever they want to. That’s fine. They’re open to their own interpretation.”

Bryce Mitchell has plenty of respect for Edson Barboza but the two men are set to punch each other in the face at UFC 272 on Saturday. Mitchell wants to make sure he comes out the winner of their ‘ugly' contest on Saturday night.

“Well, he’s going to try to do all sorts of stuff to my face,” Mitchell said. “I respect him to the end, but we’re going to battle it out, brother. It’s going to get ugly in that cage, but I don’t wish nothing but good for him in his life.”