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Peyton Manning drops truth bomb on Buccaneers star Tom Brady’s farewell tour amid retirement rumors

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady

Tom Brady shocked the football world earlier this summer when he announced his retirement. He gave us all an even bigger shock just two months later when he decided to un-retire. Despite this rather unprecedented turn of events, however, what is clear is that retirement (the real one) is on the horizon for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar quarterback.

If you ask the great Peyton Manning, however, he believes that Tom will go out on his own terms. That is, the Bucs QB won’t be going on a celebrated farewell tour on his final season. Manning made this statement on a recent episode of The Rich Eisen Show (h/t Erin Walsh of Bleacher Report):

“I don’t see him coming out and saying, ‘this is my last year’ and doing the video tributes and bringing the rocking chair like they did for Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]. I don’t see him going that approach, but I’m sure it’s on his mind, and from that standpoint that’s probably a good thing.”

Manning could be right here. This is exactly what Tom Brady did a few months ago when he announced his retirement. TB12 never made it known that he was playing on (supposedly) his final season. For all we know, he could do the exact same thing again this time next year.

If Peyton Manning is right, then it’s very much possible that Brady’s going to be playing in his final year in the NFL this coming season. At this point, we all better just enjoy the ride while we still can.