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Buccaneers great Tom Brady gets deeply honest on envisioning retirement

Buccaneers, Tom Brady

The mystical Fountain of Youth is definitely true. Because clearly, Tom Brady has found it. Maybe he bathes on it every single day, while eating avocado ice cream. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers star, at 44 years old, has been the quintessential NFL stud for decades now.

So of course, the obvious question for Brady is: When is the end? While most of his contemporaries are now enjoying life off the field, he’s still gunning for his eighth—EIGHTH!—Super Bowl ring.

In a stunning piece by Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated, the often restrained Brady opened up about envisioning his future when he retires from the NFL.

“​​I imagine not playing. And I imagine watching football on Sundays going, ‘These guys suck. I could do way better than that.’ And then still knowing in my heart that I actually could still do it. If I stopped, I think I’d have to find something else that I’m pretty good at. And I don’t think that, you know, I’m going to be able to jump into something that has the same amount of excitement.”

If you’re a Buccaneers fan, great. If not, yikes. It’s clear that Brady isn’t ready to relinquish his throne. He will keep punishing opposing teams who falsely believe they can finally strap the GOAT onto a wheelchair and send him to a retirement home.

Brady has led the Buccaneers to a 9-3 record this season to lead the NFC South. So yes, other guys suck.