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Buccaneers’ Tom Brady gives business advice to Drew Brees


Superstar quarterback Tom Brady ended a 20-year tenure with the New England Patriots after the 2019 season. He then signed a two-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason.

He has already taken advantage of the new situation with a new marketing venture. What’s that venture you ask? Well it’s “TOMpa Bay” and “Tampa Brady” merchandise. Something that a lot of people have already laughed at.

While everyone seems to find it more cringe than anything else, let’s be honest, the merchandise will probably sell incredibly well.

And with all this going on, Brady himself took to Twitter to give some business advice to a fellow superstar quarterback in Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. Advice that is difficult to read. Is he making fun of himself? Or is he just really into this idea?

Okay, honestly “Drew Orleans” sounds a lot better than the Brady x Tampa Bay mashups. It sounds a lot less forced and again, like something that would sell extremely well.

Even if you disagree though, it’s probably advice Brees should consider taking. Brady has proven to be excellent at marketing over the years. And his social media presence has only helped that even more.

Speaking of, this is once again proof that there isn’t much Brady can’t do. He made merchandise that some people probably love, but a lot of people are roasting on social media. So what does he do? He goes onto social media himself and makes a joke/gives advice.

Now even more people are talking about the merchandise.

Brady’s social media skills continue to be annoyingly good.

It remains to be seen if Brees decides to take the advice of Brady. If he does, we could be heading down a slippery slope though. Could we see “BaLAMARtimore” or “TANNEssee” shirts soon? We can only hope not.

Still though, once again A+ marketing from Brady.