The Milwaukee Bucks gave up a lot to trade for Jrue Holiday. Holiday is an upgrade at the guard position, but has he showed enough this early in the season to earn his second career All-Star selection?

On the daily Locked On Bucks Podcast, host Kane Pitman discusses the Bucks' All-Star situation and if Jrue Holiday or Khris Middleton have proven enough already to be the Bucks' second All-Star this season.

Kane Pitman: One of my season predictions was that Jrue Holiday was going to make an All-Star team. I thought that he was going to come in and average close to around 20 points per game. I think the one thing that we've learned to open up this season is that the Bucks' starting lineup is stacked… Jrue Holiday really is putting up Eric Bledsoe-type numbers.

So then you have to ask yourself, are the Bucks going to do enough to have three All-Stars? To me, the answer is no because if you look at last year, by the time they are when the All-Star voting was being done… the Bucks were on a 70-win pace. They were legitimately going to be the third team in the history of the league to win 70 games and they still couldn't get that third All-Star.

I can't say Jrue Holiday has done enough yet, but the other avenue for him being an All-Star would be if he was to replace Khris Middleton, but I just don't see that happening the way Middleton is playing, 21.1 points, six rebounds, six assists, on 53/54/95 shooting splits. Now, again, we keep saying this with the shooting, I'm not expecting that Khris Middleton is going to shoot 54% from three for the entire season. What Middleton is doing right now is showing us that he is continuing to improve. I think Middleton, the way that things are going, is going to be an All-Star and the Bucks will be good enough to have two I just think it's going to be Khris again.