There is a growing concern on the Milwaukee Bucks about whether Giannis Antetokounmpo will sign a long-term deal with the franchise.

While the preseason is set to begin on Friday, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski revealed what Antetokounmpo's thought process is amid contract talks with the Bucks.

“The challenge for the Bucks is just selling him on winning. I know this about Giannis: his decision is not about wanting to be in a big market and have all the trimmings that come with Los Angeles or New York or wherever it is. I don't think that's part of his decision making. I think at his core he's immensely loyal. I believe he loves the people in Milwaukee. Loves that community. He loves the organization. But he wants to win and that's what he's weighing.”

Similar to most star players, some people assume that Giannis would love to play on a big-market team in the NBA. However, Wojnarowski is arguing that the Greek forward is focused on playing for a contending team, amplifying the urgency for the Bucks this season.

In the past four seasons, while the Bucks have made the playoffs, they've fallen short of reaching the NBA Finals in each of them. During the offseason, Milwaukee attempted to improve their roster by acquiring Jrue Holiday and Bogdan Bogdanovic via trade.

Even though they landed a talented guard in Holiday to elevate the roster, the trade for Bogdanovic fell through. As a result, despite the Bucks once feeling confident in Giannis signing an extension before the season, the failed trade for Bogdanovic could have caused hesitation for Antetokounmpo.

With the NBA being a league that favors players having control of their careers, Giannis seems to be prioritizing winning (with the Bucks) over playing for a team that receives a ton of national attention.