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When combined, Bucks players have longer reach than Boeing plane

Milwaukee Bucks

One of the premiere up and coming young teams in the NBA is definitely the Milwaukee Bucks. Although they are still mucking around in mediocrity, the future does seem like it is getting brighter by the day for them.

They have some very nice young pieces such as Jabari Parker, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Michael Carter-Williams, and a few others. In addition to being very skilled young players, the previously mentioned names, as well as many others on this Bucks squad, are known for being very long and lanky players.

Take John Henson for example. The 6’11” big man has the wingspan of someone that is 7’6″. Jabari Parker is only 6’8″ but his wingspan is comparable to a 7’0″ center. As if that were not enough, Giannis Antetokounmpo is also 6’11” and boasts of a 7’3″ wingspan. Oh, and did I mention that he also played increasingly more minutes as the point guard of this Milwaukee team? Thats just one of the many ways this unit breaks the mold of a traditional NBA squad.

To give an even better example of just how preposterous the wingspan of these players are, just take a look at this graphic from twitter user @statswish.

Are you starting to get an idea of the freakish length of this bunch?

With the vast majority of the roster possessing wingspans many inches longer than their actual height, it comes as no surprise that this long-limbed squad has been giving opposing teams fits on the defensive end. The scary part is, they are just getting better. If you have not been paying attention to them yet, I suggest you keep an eye out for them this season.

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