Bulls news: The most startling fact about Chicago that all NBA teams have failed to outdo over the last eight years
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Bulls on pace to lead NBA in attendance for ninth straight season


This will be hard to explain to casual NBA fans, but the Chicago Bulls franchise is one of the most storied in the NBA. After drafting Michael Jordan in 1984, the league’s all-time greatest player led the Bulls to six championships in the 90s.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Bulls’ last title in 1998. In the years that followed, the Bulls have not even come close to matching the same success in the Jordan era. These days, the Bulls are focused on rebuilding, but they appear to be the worst team at doing it.

So far, the Bulls don’t have any eye-popping talent and figure to be one of the worst teams in the NBA, even heading into next season. Interestingly, Chicago is actually on pace to lead the NBA in attendance for the ninth straight season, which is by far a bizarre display by a franchise in a rebuilding phase.

Nine years ago, the Bulls were in their heyday. Former superstar Derrick rose led the team to the best record in the Eastern Conference. Subsequently, Rose won the 2011 MVP award.

Even years after Rose’s departure, the Bulls have cultivated a unique experience for their attendees. According to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, the franchise has a variety of ways where they secure millions of attendants every year.

The United Center’s large size plays a part in this because the Bulls are at 98.9 percent capacity and still leading the Cavaliers, who are at 100 percent capacity. But the fact the Bulls continue to draw so well despite an abysmal won-lost record speaks to myriad factors — intrigue for the young core, seeing other teams’ stars, the entertaining game experience.

The Bulls are still universally known for the prestige of the Jordan era in the 90s. Apparently, fans are now gathering to see a unique experience in the United Center every time a game is hosted. With this in mind, other teams have to be jealous at all the attention the Bulls are receiving.