Bulls news: Jim Boylen wants to win even in the preseason
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Jim Boylen wants to win even in the preseason

Jim Boylen

With the NBA offseason now officially underway, teams will be given their first opportunity to field their new and improved lineups in preparation for the upcoming 2019-20 season. For coaches, the offseason is usually reserved for experimentation and exploration, with the end goal being the ability to gauge the team’s preparedness for the grueling grind ahead.

For his part, Chicago Bulls head coach Jim Boylen appears to be putting much more emphasis on winning games that most of his counterparts. According to the 54-year-old, winning preseason season definitely remains as one of the top items in his priority list.

“Anytime you’re keeping score, you want to try to win,” Bulls coach Jim Boylen said, via Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic. “That being said, we’ve got to look at lineups and we’ve got to get guys used to playing with each other. We’re going to coach those basics really hard at both ends. We’ve got seven new guys. We’re going to use that time to get familiar with each other and we’ll progress as it goes, through the five games, and hopefully improve.”

As Boylen said, he has every intention of using the preseason to familiarize his new-look side with plays and lineups in preparation for the upcoming season. However, he was also being brutally honest here by saying that he still has every desire to win each and every preseason game.

It’s actually quite admirable for Boylen to come out with this statement. There is no denying that every coach in the NBA possesses an incessant competitive nature, so honestly, this is just coach Boylen stating what some other coaches might not be willing to publicize.