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Former Bulls star Scottie Pippen is a fan of the evolution of the NBA

Scottie Pippen, Bulls

Although the NBA is all about offense now, legendary defender and Chicago Bulls icon Scottie Pippen says he likes the way the game is going.

The former Bulls star was a fantastic defender during his career, but he’s showing some humility when he talks about where he would fit into today’s game.

“I would not say I would be a great defender in this game,” Scottie Pippen said via Heavy. “But I would work to defend in a different way.”

“I kinda like the way the game is going. I like the way guys shoot the ball. I look at a guy like Kawhi [Leonard], he still is a leader in steals.”

Sure enough, Kawhi Leonard is a throwback to the rough and tumble defenders that reminds us of guys like Pippen from the 90s.

The game is completely different now from when Pippen played, but he would definitely be able to thrive in today’s game. The best defenders in the game today are versatile and comfortable switching across positions, and that is something that the 6-foot-8 Pippen would have excelled in.

Pippen might be acting humble when he said he’s unsure if he would be a great defender, but we all know he’s the type of Hall-of-Fame talent that would thrive in any era. He made the NBA All-Defensive First Team eight times and two more in the All-Defensive Second Team, and that speaks volume about his capabilities as a defender.