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‘The Last Dance’ podcast series to follow up epic Michael Jordan docuseries

Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, The Last Dance

For any viewers of “The Last Dance” who wanted more Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls content after the conclusion of the 10-part docuseries (such as myself), there is good, albeit unsurprising news: The show will go on — in audio form.

On Tuesday, Marc Stein of the The New York Times reported that the league is getting ready to announce a follow-up 10-part podcast series that will continue to chronicle the saga of Jordan and the Bulls.

“Beyond the Last Dance” will be co-hosted by former Chicago Bulls reporter (and current Director of Sports Journalism at Northwestern) J.A. Adande, alongside ex-Bulls point guard B.J. Armstrong—both of whom were featured in Jason Hehir’s docuseries.

NBA Entertainment and Audible will collaborate on the podcast, according to Stein.

It should come as no surprise to see the NBA (and Audible) continue to create Jordan-related content after the record-breaking viewership numbers pulled by “The Last Dance”, which aired at the peak of the Covid-driven sports slowdown in April and May.

The documentary averaged over 5.6 million viewers per episode over its 5-week run this past spring, and has roped in nearly 13 million viewers an episode on-demand, according to ESPN. “The Last Dance” averaged nearly 5.7 million viewers across all 10 episodes when they premiered on Sundays — making it the most-watched ESPN documentary of all time.

The Last Dance was also “checked out” (whatever that means) by 23.8 million households globally through Netflix, and hit the streaming service in the United States in July.

More Michael Jordan and Bulls stories, the merrier, though the podcast medium most likely means that we won’t be able to track Jordan’s tequila intake as he amusingly reacts to statements from his peers.