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Wendell Carter pleads for women to leave him alone

Dear women of the internet, on behalf of Chicago Bulls rookie Wendell Carter, we beg you to leave the first-round draft pick alone and in peace. Seriously, that’s what Carter would like right now more than anything else.

While most regular dudes will call it a lucky day if they could get at least a “hi” from anyone from the opposite sex, our boy Wendell Carter is treating the seemingly inordinate amount of attention he gets from women as a problem. What a good problem to have, Mr. Carter.

Or maybe, Carter is up to something here. This could be just a bro move after all. Does anyone really think that asking for women to stop bugging him on social media would work for Carter? This is probably an experiment on reverse psychology by Carter, and here is Exhibit A to show that if it was truly his intention, it’s already starting to bear fruits.

The Bulls are counting on the smooth and savvy big man to show up in his first year in the league. They picked up the former Duke Blue Devils in the first round of June’s draft, with the expectation that he’ll form the team’s frontcourt of the future together with Lauri Markkanen.