The past couple of weeks have been interesting for the Chicago Bulls and Zach LaVine. Rumors have been swirling about LaVine potentially being traded, and he has also been out with an injury. The Bulls got news on Thursday night that LaVine would miss the next three to four weeks with a right foot injury. To make things more intriguing, Chicago has been playing a lot better since LaVine first went out. The Bulls started the season 5-14, and they have now won three games in a row to improve to 8-14.

With Zach LaVine slated to miss potentially the next month of the season, he was asked about his commitment to the team. As long as he is a member of the Bulls, he's going to do what's best for the team.

“Am I still a part of this team and very committed? Yeah. I got a Bulls jersey on,” LaVine said, according to a tweet from K.C. Johnson. “I committed here. For as long as I’ll be here, I’ll still support and love Chicago and play my heart out for those guys (teammates). That’s never going to change.”

With LaVine currently out and the Bulls on a small win streak, everyone is wondering the same thing: Is Chicago better without LaVine in the lineup? It's only been three games, so fans aren't wanting to get too far ahead of themselves, but one of those wins was against the Milwaukee Bucks. It's going to be interesting to see how the Bulls fare during the next few weeks with LaVine on the bench.