Amid the Chicago Bulls' continued mediocrity, they have agreed with Zach LaVine and his camp that finding a trade for the 28-year old wing might be what's best for both parties. However, a trade involving LaVine may have to wait, as the Bulls star is currently on the mend with a foot injury and in fact, he hasn't progressed as well in his recovery as the Bulls would hope.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, LaVine “will miss an additional three to four weeks to treat right foot inflammation.” This will not bode well for the Bulls' chances of striking a LaVine trade in the near future, as prospective suitors will be more wary of giving up assets for an injury risk.

Zach LaVine has endured plenty of injuries to his lower-body over the past few years, but he was healthy to begin this year, even playing in all of the Bulls' first 15 games. After missing a game on November 22 against the Oklahoma City Thunder, LaVine proceeded to play in the Bulls' next three games, which were all non-competitive losses.

LaVine exited the Bulls' embarrassing blowout defeat on November 28 against the Boston Celtics, as he clearly wasn't right in a physical sense. During that game, he put up just two points on 1-9 shooting, and LaVine had to miss the Bulls' next three games since.

When the Bulls star was initially diagnosed with foot soreness, the initial timeline for his absence was one week. Head coach Billy Donovan said that the Bulls will get an update regarding LaVine's status later this week, perhaps on Friday, but the bad news came early. This latest update that LaVine won't be making a return to the court in 2023 runs in contrast as well to Donovan's statement where he said that he thinks that the Bulls star is feeling better.

Nonetheless, amid Zach LaVine's absence, the Bulls appear to have gained new lease in life, as they have now won three games in a row, including contests against the Milwaukee Bucks and New Orleans Pelicans, two of the four finalists in the NBA In-Season Tournament.