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Zach LaVine ‘pissed’ about losing 3-Point Contest


Zach LaVine tried his hand at the 3-point Contest in this year’s 2020 All-Star Saturday night showcase. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bulls guard wound up empty handed.

LaVine expressed his disappointment over not winning the long-ball crown, via K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago.

LaVine also believed his money-ball rack cost him big time.

The two-time Slam Dunk champ actually got to a fast start by making his entire first rack. Unfortunately, he only managed to get four points from his money ball rack, which he placed at the top of the arc. He also failed to knock down any of the two Mountain Dew zone shots, which were worth three points each.

The Bulls talent needed to score at least 26 to advance to the final round. However, he only wound up with 23.

Nonetheless, it was still a good showing for Zach LaVine. 23 is actually a really good score. On any other 3-point contest, he might have made the final round.

However, this year’s contest wasn’t just like any other. Davis Bertans, Devin Booker, and Buddy Hield all made the finals. Bertans needed to score 25 to advance, while Devin Booker and Buddy Hield both top-scored the opening round with 27 points each.

Bertans opened the final round with a score of 22, before Booker knocked in 26 to eliminate him.

With the pressure of going last and needing to score 27 to win the competition, Hield did just that. The Sacramento Kings guard was clutch all the way up to his last ball, as his final money ball conversion ultimately won him the 2020 3-Point Contest.

As for LaVine, he did put on a good effort. However, he simply ran into some of the best shooters in the world on Saturday. He will probably just have to try again next year. Or maybe he goes back to the dunk contest?