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RUMOR: Scottie Pippen upset at Michael Jordan for portrayal in ‘The Last Dance’

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Bulls

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen is reportedly upset at Michael Jordan for his portrayal in “The Last Dance,” per David Kaplan of ESPN 1000.

Jackie MacMillan of ESPN also reported a similar story in early May:

But Pippen has been notably silent since the documentary began its run last month, and those close to him say he’s wounded and disappointed by his portrayal. One of his most famous ex-teammates — a former fierce rival — has even felt compelled to come to his defense.

Jordan said Pippen was the best teammate he’s ever had in his career.

However, the “The Last Dance” docuseries did talk about Pippen quitting on the Bulls in the 1994 playoffs and delaying his surgery on purpose for the 1997-98 NBA season.

Jordan doesn’t win six rings with the Bulls without Pippen. Sure, Scottie wasn’t portrayed in the best light at times during the docuseries, but that’s on him.

The Bulls icon chose to quit on the team when head coach Phil Jackson gave the game-winning shot to Toni Kukoc instead of him. That’s not on Jordan.

Hopefully after a few weeks pass by, Pippen will have calmed down. There are a lot of players who were featured in the docuseries that are upset at Jordan.

Heck, Reggie Miller almost didn’t participate because he’s still mad about losing to Jordan and the Bulls.