Capcom has just recently held their Capcom Spotlight where they featured their biggest titles as well as gave updates to their newest projects. There were new updates regarding the latest Resident Evil remake, new updates on Monster Hunter Rise and more news on the development of their latest title, Exoprimal. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there were numerous other announcements to go with these banger titles. That being said, let’s get to know what these are.

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo Released

Among all the other news revealed during this Capcom Spotlight, brand new details and news regarding the latest Resident Evil would have been greatly appreciated. However, Capcom knew that this is currently their most anticipated title so they decided to exceed everyone’s expectations.

During the Capcom Spotlight, Capcom announced that they would be releasing a demo of the new Resident Evil 4 remake. The demo takes place during the very first part of the game where Leo first enters the iconic European village. Unlike the previous demos from Capcom, this demo does not have any limitations on it so it can be played multiple times for as long as possible.

In addition to this demo, Capcom has also released a teaser website that gives additional details on the setting of the game as well as extra teaser puzzles for the players to enjoy while awaiting the release date of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The release date for the Resident Evil 4 Remake is on March 24, 2023. The game will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and on PC.


Exoprimal is a brand new third person shooter from Capcom. It is primarily a multiplayer action game that pits two groups of 5 players against hordes of dinosaurs which they must mow down with different weapons. While the main mode of the game is a PvE scenario, the game also features a PvP game mode where the players can fight against each other.

While this is a new IP from Capcom, many are anticipating this game’s release as it has been quite a while since the last dinosaur game that came out. It also has quite the unique concept despite being relatively simple.

During the Capcom Spotlight, Capcom released a brand new trailer for Exoprimal and revealed new details regarding the game. Exoprimal is looking to be a live service game with all the typical bells and microtransactions it has. Just like every live service, the game looks to be always online. In addition to these details, Capcom also revealed that it is going to open the beta test for this game on March 17 until March 19. This open beta will be cross platform so players will be able with their friends that have a different platform from them.

Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak Coming to Consoles

Earlier this year, Monster Hunter: Rise came to the Playstation and Xbox platform. In this Capcom Spotlight, Capcom announced that it is also bring the Sunbreak expansion to the console platform as well.

Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak released last year and added a whole lot of content to the game. From brand new locations and monsters to hunt all the way to brand new ways to play the game, Sunbreak changed up the way Monster Hunter: Rise was played. That being said, currently, Capcom is continuously adding more content to the game through new events, monsters as well as new items.

Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak is coming to the Playstation and Xbox platform on April 18 2023.

Ghost Trick Remaster

Ghost Trick is a classic game that was originally released on the Nintendo DS. It is a spin-off game from the Ace Attorney series. During the Capcom Spotlight, it was announced that Ghost Trick is going to be remastered and released on modern platforms.

Ghost Trick places the players in the role of Sissel, an amnesiac ghost detective whose objective is to solve the mystery of how he died. Sissel has the ability to manipulate different objects in the mortal world to save people from their own demise. With this remaster, Capcom is looking to put a more modern look on the game with brand new graphics and improved frame rate. The remaster will also feature new challenges for the player to enjoy. The soundtrack from the original Ghost Trick also received the remaster treatment and all 37 songs from the soundtrack have been newly arranged.

Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Introduces Character Joining the Cast

The Capcom Spotlight did not only feature games as Capcom also showed off a brand new character joining the cast in the upcoming Resident Evil: Death Island movie. It seems that Jill Valentine is joining the rest of the crew on this brand new adventure in the movie.

Previously, it was announced that Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield are going to be part of the movie. With this brand new teaser trailer released, Jill Valentine is joining the crew on this island. The movie is set to be released sometime this summer.

Street Fighter 6 New Announcer

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A Capcom presentation at this time is not complete without new details from one of their most hyped up games, Street Fighter 6. The Capcom Spotlight showed off a brand new teaser trailer for the game. While there was no announcement for characters in the roster, they showed off the game’s final commentator, Hikaru Takahashi. As a commentator, she can commentate on the matches and narrate the ongoing fight in Japanese.

As of the moment, it seems that Hikaru Takahashi will be the final commentator to join the commentator cast of Street Fighter 6. This brings the total number of commentators to a solid 8 with each one having their own unique style of commentating. Each of these commentators will also feature subtitles in 13 different languages.

In addition to the announcement of a brand new commentator, the Capcom Spotlight also revealed that the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 will feature Street Fighter 6. Previously, it was also announced that the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 will also feature a prize pool of $1,000,000, one of the if not the biggest prize pool for a fighting game.

New Content for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is simply a collection of Mega Man games from the past. These are put into a collection and brought to a more modern platform so that players today can still enjoy the classic Mega Man from before. Currently, this collection features the ten mainline games from the Mega Man Battle Network series.

During the Capcom Spotlight, Capcom revealed a new trailer that showed off new details about this brand new collection which serves to bring the Mega Man Battle Network series to the more modern platform. With this collection, Capcom is also planning to release the 499 patch cards that were previously region exclusive to Japan. This was originally only exclusive to Japan since they were originally only released as a physical copy and therefore would make it quite difficult to bring overseas. With this brand new collection, Capcom seeks to bring these previously exclusive patch cards to the international audiences. Players will be able to collect and utilize these cards starting with Battle Network 4.

In addition to bringing region exclusive content to the collection, the game will also feature a brand new skill called MegaBuster. MegaBuster allows the player to amplify their attacks by a significant amount to progress through the game faster.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will be released on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC and will be available on April 14, 2023.