Marvin Harrison Jr.'s receiving skills prompted Arizona Cardinals' quarterback Kyler Murray to make a shockingly bold claim about the rookie wideout, saying he expects him to be perpetually open.

Murray told, “I think (he) takes us to another level. When you got a guy out there that is capable of winning one-on-ones, obviously, he's got to go do it and he knows that. We all know it, but as far as manipulating coverage and stuff like that, you got a guy out there that can do that and even if he's not open, he's open.”

In the NFL Draft world of quarterback love, Harrison Jr. caught the eyes of three teams expected to select a signal caller with their first pick. But Arizona snagged the wunderkind at No. 4.

And Harrison Jr. could be a career changer for Murray. His injury-impacted overall record of 28-36-1 had people questioning whether he was the long-term answer in Arizona.

But if Harrison Jr. helps Murray make more big plays, the Cardinals’ offense could have plenty of juice. Murray and Harrison Jr. could be a dynamic one-two punch.

“I’m excited to be able to build that with him,” Murray said, “but when he does what he does, yeah, I fully expect our offense to be top of the league.”

Cardinals WR Marvin Harrison Jr. moves to forefront

Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray, Marvin Harrison Jr.

Harrison has quickly earned respect from his teammates, including veterans who see the promise of a star in the making. Like any wise rookie, Harrison tried not to step on toes during the offseason.

But talent is talent, and Harrison’s abilities will likely lead him into a bulk of Murray’s targets.

Making things better for Harrison is the desire to learn all facets of the game, including the mental aspects. Teammate Michael Wilson told that Harrison is “always seeking information.”

Learning is an underrated part of the game in a sport where talent pays the light bills. So the fact Harrison Jr. embraces the details is a good sign for his future.

NFL analyst Jay Feely called Harrison Jr. the “next Larry Fitzgerald” prior to the draft. That’s a nice comparison, but probably not fair to the talented rookie. While it’s not inconceivable Harrison Jr. could reach rare NFL air, it’s an extremely high bar to compare a rookie to an NFL Hall of Famer. It’s also a little unfair because Harrison Jr. already carries the luggage of being the namesake of his Hall of Fame father.

Defensive players see the unique skills Harrison brings to the field. Teammate Garrett Williams described Harrison as special.

“You look at his height and then you look at his movement ability, those two things usually don't match up like that,” Williams said to

Learning curve still exists for Harrison Jr.

While football is still football, the NFL level presents its share of unique challenges.

Marvini Harrison Jr. acknowledged the difficulties of meeting much tougher cornerbacks on almost every snap. Harrison said NFL corners excel in the area of technique. They find ways to gain an advantage, especially the veterans who understand the entire scope of opposing offenses.

But one area Harrison Jr. likely won't get trumped is working hard. Combine a great work ethic with a ton of talent, and the recipe for NFL success is rarely spoiled.

Right now the main thing in Arizona is two-fold excitement. Murray is healthy and Harrison Jr. can be a star.