Cardinals news: DeAndre Hopkins reveals how he reacted to trade
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Cardinals DeAndre Hopkins reveals how he reacted to trade to Arizona

Arizona, DeAndre Hopkins

When the Houston Texans traded receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals, the media and fans alike were shocked. On the other hand, Hopkins revealed that how he reacted to being traded to Arizona was a bit different. According to ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss, Hopkins said that,

“It wasn’t a big surprise to me after the year … I was preparing for it.”

The All-Pro wideout said that he heard rumblings of a possible trade even before the 2019 season. Therefore, when the Texans shipped him to the Cardinals, Hopkins wasn’t startled by the decision. Besides not being surprised, Hopkins did say that he was excited to join Arizona.

“I was very excited, actually, about it because [of] what Arizona has been building, having a young quarterback, a young team and also having veterans.”

Even though the two teams agreed upon the trade early in free agency, it wasn’t made official until Wednesday. That was due to Hopkins and David Johnson needing to conduct and pass physicals with their new teams. Johnson was sent to the Texans as part of the trade involving Hopkins.

After being traded to the Cardinals, it was reported that Hopkins was seeking a new deal with the Texans. With the current receiver market, Hopkins was longing to get $18-20 million annually. Of course, by trading him, Houston made it clear they were unwilling to grant his wish.

Seeing how Hopkins reacted to being traded to Arizona, his relationship with Bill O’Brien and the Texans appeared to be irreparable. Nevertheless, Hopkins is anxious to begin fresh with the Cardinals next season.