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Cardinals GM Steve Keim says Kyler Murray contract will have baseball protection

steve keim, kyler murray

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is also a gifted baseball player drafted in the first round by the Oakland Athletics and according to General Manager Steve Keim, the contract he will sign with the team has protections for the Cardinals if he ever decides he wants to play baseball again.

Keim was interviewing with NFL Networks’ Rich Eisen and said the team did due diligence before the draft and are confident that he is sticking with football and won’t later decide he wants to play in the MLB.

“Like I said prior to the draft, any general manager that was considering taking him would have to do their due diligence and we certainly did ours and I’m very confident that’s not going to be an issue,” Keim told the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen via AZ Central.

“Yeah, and again, just with the time we spent with him and how passionate he is about football and his commitment to the game, we all felt very comfortable, too,” Keim said. “You always have to have checks and balances and it worked out for us.”

Eisen asked Keim what if Murray had a change of heart and wanted to pursue his baseball career. Keim didn’t want to get into specifics but did say the team will have an out if that turns out to be the case.

“I don’t want to get int the particulars, but there’s always going to be protections built into contracts like that.”

Keim seems pretty confident that Murray won’t want to leave but it’s a good thing to have the protections built in, because the Former Oklahoma Sooners star has already changed his mind once.