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Kliff Kingsbury’s honest statement about critics after Cardinals’ impressive 9-2 start to season

Kyler Murray, Cardinals, Kliff Kingsbury

When the Arizona Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury in 2019 as their next head coach, it was met with massive criticisms. After all, how can a struggling team–fresh from a 3-13 season–take risk on a coach that hasn’t proven anything yet at the highest level?

Several fans and experts alike criticized the move, with most probably just waiting for Kingsbury to make a big mistake or go on a losing skid before pouncing on him. It hasn’t been easy for the Cardinals tactician, going for 13-18-1 in his first two seasons.

Now, however, Kingsbury has silenced his doubters with the Cardinals’ incredible 9-2 start this 2021 campaign, which is the best record by far in the whole NFL. Asked whether if it has been satisfying to show his critics what he can do, the 42-year-old coach admitted he’s just happy the people close to him no longer hear the criticisms thrown at him in the past.

“The only thing I like, the family members that believed in me, people that believed in me, not hear me called a dumbass all the time,”Klingburry said, per Darren Urban of AZ Cardinals.com.

Sure enough, Kliff Kingsbury knows he still has a lot to prove before absolutely erasing all the doubts about his coaching. However, he has clearly taken significant steps in establishing himself as one of the better coaches in the NFL.

The Cardinals are poised to contend for the Super Bowl title this time around, and if they do win, Kingsbury will certainly no longer hear other people call him a “dumbass.”