In an interesting turn of events, Lincoln Riley has left the Oklahoma Sooners to fend for themselves after accepting the job for the USC Trojans. For that reason, there seems to be a potential interest between the Sooners and current Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

According to Dov Kleiman, it doesn't seem like Kingsbury is completely ruling out the possibility of becoming Oklahoma's next head coach. Of course, he's focusing on the Cardinals season with the playoffs just around the corner. However, “Kliff Kingsbury refuses to deny he has interest in the Oklahoma job.”

Kliff Kingsbury's focus is on the Arizona Cardinals, but he doesn't outright turn down the idea of taking on the Sooners' coaching position after the NFL season.

“We're in-season, we're 9-2, just not a topic I want to touch right now,” – Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury.

This isn't that reassuring for any Arizona fans. Especially considering Mike Tomlin immediately shot down questions of him being interested in the USC job earlier this year.

Who knows if Kingsbury has an interest in the Oklahoma job or not? That question will be answered whenever the Cardinals' season comes to an end. If Arizona makes a Super Bowl appearance, Kingsbury might consider staying with his current team. If not, there's a chance he returns to the College Football scene instead.

It's worth noting, that Kingsbury is in the third season of his four-year contract with the Cardinals. There's a chance Arizona enters a bidding war to keep their head coach, as the Oklahoma Sooners will do anything to get back on track after Lincoln Riley's departure.

We'll see how it plays out, but keep an eye on Kingsbury, as he could be making the switch to College Football after the end of the Cardinals' season. If he does, it'll be just as shocking as Lincoln Riley taking the USC job.