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Cardinals’ Kyler Murray channels Thanos with cryptic tweet

Cardinals, Kyler Murray

The Arizona Cardinals currently sit atop the NFC standings and seem to be in a good spot for the playoffs. They’ve been without Kyler Murray the last few games, as he’s been resting his injured ankle. However, it sounds like Arizona might be getting their superstar quarterback under center soon.

Social media is a wonderful world that allows professional athletes to communicate freely with fans and media. Utilizing cryptic messages is a common practice, as it gives us some insight into what a player is thinking. Kyler Murray sent a cryptic message on Twitter on Sunday night with his return looming.

Like many other athletes, Kyler Murray shared a GIF of Thanos from The Avengers. He’s commonly used, as Thanos is a completely dominant figure within the Marvel Universe. The Cardinals quarterback seems to compare himself to Thanos, particularly after the snap that wiped out a vast number of the earth’s population.

Maybe Kyler Murray is feeling some sort of way. His return is near and the Cardinals are about to get their superstar quarterback in the starting lineup once again. Arizona has played relatively well without him, which is impressive considering it could have played out differently.

Either way, the Cardinals have the NFL’s best record and Kyler Murray seems confident he’ll return to the starting lineup soon. Why else would he share a GIF of Thanos? Arizona is set to take on the Chicago Bears in their next matchup. Keep an eye on any updates regarding Murray’s playing status. He could be making his return in Week 13.