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Kyler Murray feels he’s ‘done nothing’ yet despite 2-0 start

Kyler Murray Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are off to a strong start with a 2-0 record early in the season. Instead of giving himself a pat on the back, quarterback Kyler Murray believes that has “done nothing” yet despite their stellar first two weeks of action.

Murray isn’t too surprised that the Cardinals are off to a great start. He knows that they put in the work and it’s showing up in games. He also admitted that this isn’t his first taste of success and so he knows that a lot still has to be done.

“It’s not my first time dealing with success in my lifetime,” per Jess Root of USA Today. “This is this part of the game. We work hard in the offseason, we work hard to practice, to win. We expect to win. I think everybody should expect to win. When you do you shouldn’t be surprised by it.

Murray also shared his persona: he’s someone who stays in the moment. He doesn’t rejoice too much for wins, and he doesn’t take it too hard amid losses.

“I’m not a guy that gets too high, gets too low. I am who I am. I will remain the same no matter what, but like I said, this isn’t the first time dealing with success. For me personally I’ve done nothing, as a team I feel like we’ve done nothing. We just got to continue to work.”

It’s not every day that you see a young quarterback with that type of maturity and poise. From the looks of it, Cardinals fans have something special in Kyler Murray.