Police are investigating an incident that occurred in the aftermath of the Arizona Cardinals' stunning comeback win against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday involving star quarterback Kyler Murray.

While the Cardinals celebrated their stunning overtime victory after Byron Murphy's walk-off fumble return touchdown, Murray was reportedly struck in the face by a Raiders fan. According to AP News, police have opened an investigation into the incident which occurred shortly after the game ended on Sunday.

Have a look at the wild end of the game and Murray's celebration. Around the 0:25 mark, Murray can be seen skipping into the frame of the camera. After a brief exchange with one fan, it appears another fan reached out and struck Murray in the face with an open palm. Murray was then seen appearing to try to identify the individual who hit him.

While he didn't appear to be hurt by the incident, Kyler Murray did turn back to the crowd after getting struck and looked to be trying to hone in on the assailant.

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas police department indicated a report was filed at the stadium at around 6:30 p.m. It was later confirmed that the individual involved in the incident was Murray.

The Cardinals stunned the Raiders in a 29-23 comeback victory. They were trailing 20-0 at halftime before the tides turned in the second half, including two crucial 2-point conversions that kept the team alive, piloted by Kyler Murray himself. While Cardinals fans were going ballistic after the win, this one Raiders fan took things too far, physically striking Murray after the stunning upset.