Willson Contreras recently inked a 5-year, $87.5M dollar deal with the St. Louis Cardinals. The star catcher revealed that Adam Wainwright was the first Cardinals' player to reach out amid the signing. And Contreras shared Wainwright's hilarious Yadier Molina-inspired message, per Talkin' Baseball.

“Waino (Adam Wainwright) was the first guy to call me when the deal was almost official,” Contreras said. “He was excited for me to be apart of a great organization like the St. Louis Cardinals. I'm looking forward to work together. He even joked about, like, ‘you think that we can get 329 starts together?' I was like, ‘why not.'”

Contreras is referring to the fact that Wainwright and Molina made history as battery-mates this past season. In all seriousness, Willson Contreras previously said that “no one could ever replace Yadier Molina.”

“First things first: No one could ever replace Yadier Molina,” Contreras said. “We all know that. It’s impossible. Actually, if there’s some word that means even more impossible than the word impossible … that’s what it is. Yadier Molina is a legend.”

Nevertheless, the former Chicago Cubs catcher is prepared to begin his new journey in St. Louis. Molina is a legend that will always be remembered by the Cardinals. But fans are excited for Willson Contreras to take over catching duties. His offensive prowess will add a crucial layer of depth to the Cardinals' already potent lineup.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Adam Wainwright fares without Yadier Molina behind the dish this season.