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Cards still matter as MTG: Legends trailer introduces Deckbuilding feature

Magic Legends, trailer, deckbuilding

Cryptic Studios revealed how their upcoming Magic: Legends tie-up with the trading card game nature of Magic: The Gathering (MTG).


As the release date of the MTG ARPG Magic: Legends draws near, Cryptic Studios began showing off the game’s mechanics. Most recently, Cryptic released the “Deckbuilding 101” trailer for the game. In this trailer, Magic: Legends’ design lead explains how cards still matter in Magic: Legends.

Using the Deckbuilding mechanic, players will have access to spells, represented by cards just like in MTG. The cards in Magic: Legends share the same elements as their playing cards versions. They still come in five colors, come in different card types and rarities, and are accessed through a library, MTG’s term for a deck of cards. Players start with a single color, twelve-card library. Later on, players can find more spells, and may even add up to one other color of spells in their library. While MTG cards may come in multicolored forms, and libraries may have up to five colors simultaneously, MTG: Legends limits libraries to just up to two colors in their decks, with monocolored cards building them up.

Just like in MTG, the different colors of cards in MTG: Legends representing different kinds of playstyles. White is for maintaining order and healing. Blue is about mind control and cunning. Black is for necromancers and those who lurk in the shadows. Red is for those who like flashy, destructive spells. Finally, Green is for players who like harnessing the strength of the wild.

Card types are also divided into three: creatures, enchantments, and sorceries. Creature spells allow the player to summon a creature to fight like a familiar. Enchantments give buffs, and sorceries are one-off spells with devastating effects.

Magic: Legends is the upcoming Action Roleplaying Game (ARPG) set in the MTG universe. Currently at the beta phase of development since December 2020, with an open beta scheduled for March 2021. Fans also await the limited release of MTG: Arena on mobile this month.