When it rains it pours. The Golden State Warriors were blown out by the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night in Game 3 at Quicken Loans Arena, and the action didn't stop there.

Apparently it wasn’t just the team that took a hit; head coach Steve Kerr’s daughter was also a part of the unfortunate night in Cleveland for the Dubs.

According to Kerr’s wife Margot, a fan reached out to grab a T-shirt from one of the arena promotions thrown into the crowd, elbowing Kerr’s daughter in the head in the process. He refused to acknowledge that it even happened.

Margot tweeted later after the game about the incident (her account is now private):

Thank you @cavs fan who elbowed @MaddyMKerr in the head for a t-shirt. We know it was on purpose.#classy

Maddy, the one hit with the elbow, added on to her mother's comments.



There is no indication that anyone in the Cavs organization was aware of the incident, and Kerr's daughter is doing just fine now.

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